Motorcycle Service Shop Center

Our Motorcycle Service Shop provides maintenance service like new tires, oil change, chain and sprockets, brake service or in need of more in-depth work like a carb overhaul, valve adjustment, engine and transmission overhauling and rebuilding and repairing your motorcycle, no job is too big or too small for our service center.

Gemini Motorcycles also performs many of the factory scheduled maintenance services your bike needs to keep it on the road.  We stock tires, oil and filters, spark plugs, cleaners, fluids and fork seals to help speed up the turnaround time of your motorcycle.


If it’s been more than a couple of years since you’ve had your brake fluid flushed or if you have excessive lever travel till the brakes engage chances are your brakes need to be bled.


We will inspect, disassemble, clean and replace any parts as needed (including the tank and petcock) to ensure your bike idles properly and pulls smoothly.


If your brake pads are low or have been contaminated by chemicals/fluids then the fact of the matter is you are riding on a dangerous bike!


Whether you are looking for OEM longevity or colorful, tricked out chains and lightweight sprockets with more aggressive gearing we get part and install them.

Customize your Motorcycle

We have literally decades of experience in the motorcycle services and repair industry with a passion for custom and performance modifications and upgrades to help your bike stand out from the crowd.

Nitrous applications?  No problem!  Extended swing-arms or a big wheel kit?  No problem!  Need help race prepping your bike?  Look no further, Gemini Motorcycle service shop has the desire and experience to help you meet and exceed your bike customization goals…all without breaking your wallet!

Engine Swap

There are times when its simply cheaper, easier and faster to replace your motorcycle old worn out motor than it is to rebuild it.

Nitrous Oxide

Arguably the best bang for the buck, nitrous oxide (with proper setup) allows your motorcycle to accelerate quicker and run faster speeds


If you are looking to get into drag racing or just want that slammed look we can set up your bike so it’s done right.

Big Wheels Kits

Whether you want your motorcycle chrome, black chrome or have it powder coated with the color of your dreams we can help make that happen.


Along with our relaxed customer lounge, Gemini Motorcycles has several clean, late model motorcycles for sale if you are in the market for a bike!

Unlike many in the industry, all pre-owned motorcycles come with a warranty that is literally unrivaled.  No snobbery here, whether you are looking for a powerful big bore sportbike or an entry level commuter we are here to help!

See why Gemini Motorcycles is the most highly reviewed motorcycle service shop in Northern Virginia with a 5 star online reputation.