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motorcycle repair shop sterlingWhether you are in need of routine maintenance like new tires, an oil change, chain and sprockets, brake service or in need of more in-depth work like a carb overhaul, valve adjustment, engine and transmission overhauling and rebuilding, no job is too big or too small.  Gemini Motorcycle Repair Shop performs many of the factory scheduled maintenance your bike needs to keep it on the road.  We stock tires, oil and filters, spark plugs, cleaners, fluids and fork seals to help speed up the turnaround time of your motorcycle.

Unlike some shops, Gemini Motorcycle Repair Shop is NOT here to extract every penny from your pocket.  We don’t up-sell things you don’t need.  We would rather ensure you have a great experience getting more than you bargained for and hopefully refer your friends here too!

Sterling Motorcycle Repair Gemini

If you would like a quote on getting service or repairs performed on your motorcycle go ahead and complete the form below. You can also book an appointment with us.  Please be sure to send us relevant information like year, make, model and mileage of your bike as well as what problem(s) its having and what kind of work you’d like.

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