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Motorcycle Winterize Service & Storage

Motorcycle winterize service Storage Sterling VAAs the riding season winds down many motorcyclists dread the ritual of dealing with the preparation and storage of their bike in Winter time.  We are here to offer you a professional and economical motorcycle winterize solution, whether you just need your bike prepped or need to store it securely in our heated, alarm-equipped facility over the winter!

Check our two Motorcycle Winter Storage Services to keep your bike in great shape.

Motorcycle Winterize Services

Cost:  $100 to $150 for most medium to large sized bikes depending on location of battery and type of oil selected (synthetic obviously costing more than conventional)

  • Install battery tender lead
  • Check charging system
  • Oil and filter change
  • Fuel stabilizer added to prevent fuel breakdown over the winter months
  • Drain Carbs (obviously only applies to carbed bikes)
  • Lube cables and pivot points as needed
  • Basic inspection – check fluids (especially coolant), brakes, tires, chain/sprockets, etc.

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Motorcycle Winterize Service and Storage Package

Cost about $320 for most fuel injected motorcycles.  $350 for most carburetor motorcycles.  Surcharges may apply to oversize motorcycles.  Price includes parts and labor, ride in/ride out.

  • Plug your bike into a trickle charger to keep the battery maintained
  • Bike covered to reduce dust and debris accumulation
  • Maintain proper tire pressure and rotate as needed to prevent flat spotting

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