Motorcycle Preventative Maintenance

Motorcycle Preventative Maintenance

Motorcycle Preventative MaintenanceExperienced riders know the importance of motorcycle preventative maintenance. Routine maintenance and timely motorcycle service helps ensure you have thousands of miles of trouble free riding!  Many of our younger/newer customers are sold on the idea that motorcycles are cheaper to own than cars due to their superior fuel economy.  And while motorcycles can offer Toyota Prius levels of fuel economy while still giving you Lamborghini levels of acceleration that doesn’t mean you can just put gas in and just ride!

An example of preventative maintenance would be keeping your drive chain cleaned, lubricated and properly adjusted.  If you don’t have the tools, space or experience to tackle it we are happy to do it for you!

Motorcycle Maintenance & Repair Sterling

Depending on the conditions you ride in, you may need to lube your chain every few hundred miles…think about that for a second…that’s every 2-3 tanks of gas!  Failure to properly maintain your chain reduces the life of your chain and sprockets, reduces fuel economy and increases frictional losses which results in less horsepower!  Don’t be the guy/gal with the power commander and exhaust system riding around with a kinked up chain!  Eventually EVERY bike will need their chain adjusted.

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